Why I Created A Blog Site

I created this because of four (4) people: Ida Anduyan, Cha Ocampo, Vern Enciso, and Verniece Enciso. I am writing a blog right now because they inspire a lot of people (and I’m one of those) to spread their wings, and never be ashamed who they are.

Now, here I am, making my first blog post here in WordPress.

Last year – 2015, I discovered these famous bloggers (those four (4) names on top) on Instagram. I was amazed! Because my feed on Instagram is so messy! But when I saw the feed of Ida Anduyan and Cha Ocampo, I was jealous. I envy their feeds there because heck their feeds are goal!!!

So this 2016, my goal is to fix my feed (slowly). I want to be like them, “bloggers”, and I know that I can reach that dream of mine, one day. 12755249_1006799349392999_797345738_o


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